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Off That Couch Fitness Couch Q&A from Kona

This month all the way from KONA we had Rach in on the OTCF Couch for a Q&A read on to find out more

Name and nickname ? Rachel – Pocket Rocket Rach

How long have you been involved with sports ? 6 years

What’s your favourite discipline and why?

It changes each month – weirdly enjoying my swimming at the moment as I have recently made some huge improvements after a few sessions in the OTCF endless pool

What’s your least favourite and why?

OK can swimming also be my least favourite because being in the pool for hours can get quite boring

Who are Inspirations ?

Chrissie Wellington was my original inspiration. But then I discovered Lucy Gossage – absolute beast with the biggest smile

Top tip for a newbie?

Just get started. Don’t get too wrapped up in training plans from the word go, do a bit of what you fancy and take the stress out of training. Once you’ve got started then look at bringing it more structure. Also join a club and find others that you can spend time training with – it’s very easy to run out of time to be sociable especially ironman training.

Favourite training session?

Long bike

Why did you get involved with OTCF

I was looking for a new coach and Gemma had been raving about Steve, and it all just kicked off from there and he got me to Kona in my first Ironman that he coached me for

How did you get into cycling and triathlon ?

I joined the uni cycling club and cycled with my 2 good friends at the time. It suddenly became my new obsession. I got into triathlon by accident while I was cycling and didn’t start swimming properly until 3 months before Ironman Wales

Favourite meal?

Homemade curry

Favourite film / series?

Anything with lots of singing and dancing

Outside of sport you love doing?

Walking in the Peak District and dressing up like a girl for a night out

Best race performance to date

Ironman Lanzarote

Bucket list races to do

I have actually done them all well I will have after this weekend 😂 Mallorca 312 next year

Biggest sporting achievement

Completing an ironman (and the training)

Anything else you think would be good to share

Remember we do this for fun!! To everyone racing this month go smash it!

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