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Why Do We Gain Weight? Client / Race Team Update

Why Do We Gain Weight?

Why Do We Gain Weight?

Every single one of us is different; from the rate we process food to energy, to the time it takes us to fall asleep. Therefore it is important to understand that many different factors can affect how and why we gain weight. Below are a few different ideas to consider when stepping onto the dreaded weighing scales.

Genes An underlying tendency to obesity may be the result of our genes. People who generally have little problem controlling their weight seem to have a precisely tuned appetite. People who gain weight, on the other hand, may be less sensitive to their body’s signals of fullness. Many genes have been identified that either increase or decrease appetite.

Studies of twins who’ve been raised apart attribute almost two-thirds of the difference in body fatness to genetic factors. However, genetic factors don’t make obesity inevitable.

Habits Eating habits develop over many years, and are strongly influenced by our first tastes as babies and dietary patterns formed in early childhood. These are then continuously reinforced as we grow up, which makes them difficult to change. Too often, they lead to eating too many calories. Recognising these unhelpful habits and replacing them with positive behaviour are key steps in successful weight control. If you always reach for sugary or fatty snacks when you watch TV, for example, distract yourself with another activity or make sure the snacks are healthy alternatives, such as fruit or vegetable sticks.

Food People who tend to choose foods that are high in fat or contain a lot of energy (calories) in small portions are more likely to gain weight than those who fill their plates with bulky, low-energy foods, such as bread, fruit and vegetables. Bigger portion sizes also mean more calories.

Emotions Overeating can also be triggered by our emotions. Some people turn to food or alcohol in stressful situations, such as after a family argument or a particularly difficult day at work. Other vulnerable times may be when you’re feeling tired, bored or sad. Identifying triggers and cues that cause you to overeat can help you to change your behaviour in these situations and avoid unwanted calories. Write down the times when your emotions lead to eating (keep a food diary). This will help you to identify situations when you’re particularly vulnerable to excess snacking.

Try the following techniques: • Ask yourself if you must have the food – thinking about what you’re doing can help you avoid extra snacks. • Replace images of food with other positive thoughts. • Distract yourself from eating by doing something else you enjoy.

Client + OTCF Race Team Update

Luke Mathews Qualifies for KONA!!!! Luke came 5th in his Age Group last week @ IM UK with a superb time of 10 Hours 13 Minutes to book his slot. (the Race team Race is truly on in Hawaii with Robbie, Steve and Luke all on the start line (Luke’s race blog coming soon) Debi Coles sets an Impressive time of 2 Hours 33 Minutes at The Brat Olympic Triathlon to place high up in her Age Group Emma W Phillips comes Top 10 in her Age Group at the duathlon worlds in Canada (more to follow in Emma’s Race report soon) Bev Cook sets a new 5km PB after her 10km PB last week she really is running well and I’m expecting an Age Group win for her soon!!

Myself i’m doing everything I can possible to make sure I hit October in the best possible shape I can be, as i’m still just swimming and biking at the moment as the stress fracture continues to heal and after seeing my consultant this morning and him telling me i’m not allowed to try to run until September i’m trying to stay positive. Injuries happen and it’s about how we deal with and bounce back from them that matters. Ill be on that start line on October 12th given my all no matter what!!

Also here’s a link to the Claud Butler TT01 Promo video in case you missed it please give it a watch as Claud Butler have been great with me

Until next time KEEP TRAINING!!!!


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