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2014 Starts Here

October has been the off season.. Triathletes need a break after a long hard season to re-charge, refocus and get ready for next season. Before you start thrashing your body check out our tips from the Race Team.

1. Chill Out, Relax for the first few weeks, allow your body to recover physically and mentally. Towards the end of October Start with some active recovery (not swim, bike, run). Exercise classes, Gym sessions, Boot Camps, Kayaking and Racquet Sports such as badminton and squash.

2. Evaluate 2013, take some time on your own or with your coach to review how your main events went, how your training went etc. Look at and discuss your strengths and weaknesses to work out what areas you can improve on for the coming season.

3. Do something different for 2014Get a coachBook on a Tri Camp? New piece of kit? Something you haven’t done before to get you that edge on the next person.


4. Base Miles, by re-focusing a lot of your training time into steady endurance work, you will create the foundation of aerobic fitness that your 2014 racing form will be built on.

5. Mix it up, Winter is going to be wet, muddy and cold so embrace it by having a go at mountain biking, cross country, fell running. Its fun and saves you pounding the tarmac over winter.

6. Race for Fun, Duathlons on and off road take place over the winter months so use these as hard training sessions to make sure your body remembers what speed and intense sessions feel like.

7. Plan 2014, These days a lot of the big races fill up fast so make sure you don’t miss out on your main target races.

8. Technique, Use winter to brush up on your skills it’s an ideal time to get in the pool and master that swim technique.

9. Sun on your back, Book yourself onto a Tri camp just before the start of the season to make sure you hit the season in your best condition yet.


10. Invest in Quality Gear, Over winter I find myself saying “it’s not training unless it’s raining” before most early morning sessions. So make sure you have the appropriate kit to train in all weathers.

And remember Winters coming…. that means

Dark Nights, Running Tights, Bike Lights., Stay Safe

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