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W A T T B I K E 
F T P   T E S T I N G

OTCF offers a variety of tests on our Watt Bike and accurately works out your Threshold FTP (Functional Threshold Power), HRT  (Heart Rate Thresholds) and Vo2max scores. Your body stats (Body Fat%, Muscle Mass%, Water %, BMI, Blood Pressure) are all taken as part of the testing service.

A full range of accurate power and heart rate training zones are calculated and provided in a easy to view document for you to use in your future training sessions. The benefits of what each zone means are explained to you so you go away knowing some of the sport science behind it which will help you to understand your training better.

All our testers are qualified in Sports Science and level 3 qualified

  • Session takes 45-60 minutes and directions will be sent after booking

  • Detailed results report included along with your accurate power and heart rate training zones

  • How to use the information in your training explained

WattBike Threshold Testing £45



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