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Ironman Copenhagen

Ironman Copenhagen was my 2nd main IM of the 2014 season after Austria and one I was hoping to go well at. After the disaster that was IM UK which resulted in a DNF I was hoping to put on a good show.

The race was a wave start with the pro's going off at 7am and the fast age group waves starting 30-60 mins after us meaning this could be a long solo day for me if I got dropped early on in the swim. (pic below thumbs up ready to go start in 2 mins)

The swim is a 1 loop 3.8km sea swim which is pretty cool as you go under 3 bridges twice each that are full of spectators and it's a beach start. I managed to hang onto the main pack for about the 1st km really working hard in my Xterrra Vendetta on my 3 R's (Rhythm, Rate and Relax) I got dropped after about a km and the next 2.8km was swimming solo I knew i'd dropped a group of about 6 or 7 swimmers though including fellow GB fireman Martin Cain so I felt like I was going pretty well. I exited the water in 18th place in 55:32. My 2nd 55 something IM swim this year so proving the 1st one wasn't a fluke so gains defiantly made in the water this year. (below sighting for the main pack ahead swimming alone)

Into T1 I got a great surprise just as I was grabbing my blue transition bag with all my bike stuff in I got a shout from the crowd I looked over my shoulder to see my Big Friendly Swedish Mate Richard Olsson jumping up and down with his camera shouting "GO Steve You've had a Great Swim" (below shocked face seeing Rich and steeling a pro transition bag ha)

Onto the Bike and away up the coast for a 2 lap 112 mile ride. The route is mostly flat and the Claud Butler TT01 loved it and we pretty much road the entire route alone so it was a long solo time trial no packs to hang onto or fast Age Groupers flying past that I could use to pace off.

I came off the bike in 4 hours 52 mins 1 second and 15th Place so this was my 2nd fastest IM bike split behind Kona's last year. I must admit I was hoping for a 4 hours 45 split but the wind was slightly against us (read ) and because I ended up riding totally alone apart from passing a couple of riders a 4:52 was pretty good. Another pretty cool part on the bike is you ride through the cobbled streets of one of the villages its about a 1/2 mile stretch and the crowds are pretty spectacular as you go through praying your tyres don't pop and gripping the handlebars as tight as possibly.

Onto the run

The run is a 4 lap course which becomes a mental test as you feel pretty good on laps 1 and 2 but by lap 3 your physically drained from the long day and on the 4th your just praying to get to the finish as quick as possible. In Denmark it seems to rain as much as England as well and on the run we had some mega downpours I found it pretty fun running in the rain but if you was watching I imagine it made it a pretty miserable day. (Emily confirmed this after) I managed to run a 3:14 marathon which was under my 3:15 target. I finished in a total time of 9 hours 7 mins 32 seconds and 15th Male Pro . 7 mins 32 seconds of the holy grail of a sub 9 hour finish but when I think about it, it wasn't that long that a sub 10 target time used to be my holy grail so it shows I have come pretty far in a relatively short period of IM racing.

I just want to say massive thanks to Emily (above pic shouting at me) for always been at my races supporting me , to the Dobbers family for letting me and Emily join them on their Holiday. Richard Olsson (above pic shouting louder than Em at me) for flying in from Norway with his misses to watch us. Alex Bradley (09:25 man) and his family for shouts on the course who was out racing as well. All the nice comments on social media from everyone.

Huge shout to all my 2014 sponsors Claud Butler, Xterra Wetsuits, Metres to Miles, Tom Lane Sports Massages, East Ferry Timbers and Keyo agricultural services.

Next stop for me is Ironman Wales in less than 3 weeks lets hope the body can recover in time to get involved on what is the hardest IM course I have done so far,

Till Next Time

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