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Ironman Swansea 70.3

Prep hard, race simple!

Having raced at Staffordshire and Weymouth the years previous I was excited to get early news that a new race was coming to town, Steve was messaged and it was a race to see who could enter first. Swansea was announced (much to Steves disappointment that it wasn’t in Lincolnshire!) and released at 14:00 and at 14:01 we were both in, game on!

Race prep for me starts early, during the week, as I find items lying around the garage. Lists are written and random dances are performed as I go through set ups and transitions in my head. Bike is sorted, transition bags packed, the car is loaded and it’s go time.

The Swansea set up was awesome with registration and transition all so close together, I’d somehow managed to find parking in between the two so Saturday went with a breeze. Time to kick back, hydrate and fuel up with the Off that couch team ready for the 5am wake up call.

A delayed start, a fist bump with coach and I was making my way down the ‘soggy’ jetty to the start, which went well, after falling off the side of the start ramp and getting a goggle full of water, I headed out into the sun. My watch beeped at the last buoy which meant it was another long swim! Up and out the water, I trotted into transition, changed my dress and headed out on the bike to a few whoops for the high-speed flying mount!

A lovely flat first 5 miles gave time for the body to warm up ready for the rollercoaster section as the route headed up and down from bay to bay. It was great to see some other OTCF folk out there going well, plenty of enthusiasm as we encouraged each other along. The bike seemed to speed along with 10-mile markers coming and going swiftly helped by the scenic views and the rolling terrain of the Gower. I was back into and out of transition before I had time to stop my watch!

After learnings from last year I eased into the run and sat on the heels of a group shifting, but at a comfortable pace, as they faded it was time to push on and see how far I could get before it really started to hurt. The fun began about mile 11 as my body began to stiffen up, I tried to hold on to the pace into the longest finish funnel ever! I wobbled over the line super happy with a solid performance in all three disciplines.

A swim speed PB, A half marathon PB and a solid average on the lumpy bike course.

What made my day was being able to share stories with the rest of the team and welcome them all down the finish shute and of course, sharing a podium spot with Ali from the team.

Well done to all some cracking results and achievements accomplished.

That was part 1 of my double AA race year, roll on a couple of hard weeks and a crack at a full Ironman in Tenby!

Good day.

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