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It would be great to start this latest OTCF RT 2015 update with a few race reports but unfortunately this year was never going to be ideal from a racing point of view. We all hate having to blow out that extra candle on our birthday cakes, unless that is, it means you’ve moved up into the next age bracket. In my case the 45-49 year olds. Now don’t get me wrong this is still an ultra-competitive class but at least I’d be rid of those pubescent 40 year olds for a while, Hawaii World Champs, with a bit of work, could be a goer?!

Alas, Kona dreams were soon quashed when my company announced that from May there’ll be a 3 month blackout period of 12 hour working for a complete Refinery shut down. Needs must I suppose.

This left me a little deflated and training hasn’t taken the same structure as previous years. Let’s be honest, I slacked off. I took a good 3 months off and piled the weight on. Normally I like to hit the start of the tri season ‘running’ (no pun intended) but any decent form I’d have gained would have diminished during the shutdown months. Luckily for me, Steve Clark probably rescued my season by suggesting/forcing me to sign up and join him in early October for Ironman Barcelona. This was ideal as it means I can tick over for now, get the shutdown out of the way, and then knuckle down for some hard summer months training in the lead up to the Ironman. Barcelona is a fast course and with it comes the fast age groupers looking for that Personal Best, sub 9 hr. Kona qualification is possibly out of the question for me but as Clarky says “Chase 2 Race The Dream” but the idea of having something to work toward and join fellow OTCF RT members Clark and Stenton in their training makes it all the more appealing.

So, for now, the ticking over has meant a few long rides in the bid to shed the pounds and get my running back to somewhere like.

 I know this update is hardly a riveting read! Apart from a few wins at Barton and Gainsborough time-trials and several reminders from the youths at the Lincsquad TTs that I’m not getting younger (or faster) that is pretty much it…….

On a personal note I’ve enjoyed training with and watching my youngest son Aiden compete in a few events which has started to get my juices flowing again. In another bid to rediscover my enthusiasm I’ve bought another TT bike. Whether this is a good idea or not remains to be seen as my old P3 does feel like an old pair of comfy slippers compared to this one. If it doesn’t buy me a few more seconds I’m at least hoping it’ll be a contender for the Lincsquad’s prettiest bike award. I may just hang it on the wall and marvel over it if it doesn’t go any faster 😉

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