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Blog from Kona

Morning all from the Triathletes version of Disney land.

I’ve just returned from a photo session (pics to follow on facebook and twitter later) with the rest of the OTCF and Lincsquad boys Robbie and Luke and its funny as we was talking you could tell that we all wanted to beat each other and I honestly hope they both have a great race but just not as great as mine 😉

Mat Stephenson a fellow GB Quadrathlete and past Kona racer 9:35!! In 2005 is also out here racing and he’s been great as mine and Em’s tour guide showing me all things Kona especially the 100% Kona Coffee

The swim I decided to do the full course yesterday all 2.4 miles of it and yes it seems pretty far out as its straight out into the middle of the ocean for 1.2 miles before you come straight back into land. I got pretty scared when I was at the turn point as someone has spotted a shark this week and on the front page of the local paper today you see the below headline!!

So far this week I’ve took the Claud Butler TT01 out a couple of times on the Queen Kona highway and Palani road and its mega fast one way and mega slow the other depending on the wind so i’m really looking forward to getting stuck into the 112 mile bike on Saturday and hope the CB looks after me.

Running wise I’ve done none as I don’t want to risk the Tibia going as I’m saving myself for the biggest event out here the Underpants Run which is Thursday morning. I’ve got my outfit ready along with my Scott trainers and ill post pics in my next blog and on twitter

Last night we headed down to the parade of nations and that was cool been lead out by 4 x Kona Champ Chrissie Wellington and meeting up with the rest of the GB Qualifiers and finally putting some faces to twitter accounts. We then headed to the expo to load up on loads of free goodies and bumped into Macca

Just heading out for a easy 20 minute swim before going to meet my dad as he arrives today

Rest day 2mo after the underpants run so ill mainly be chilling on a sun lounger by the sea in the shade in Sigvaris Compression gear and shades.

This place is incredible and far exceeds any event I have been to in the past and defiantly one for people to add to their T list!!

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