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Calm Before The Storm

Ok so firstly the underpants run was crazy loads of pics on my Facebook and twitter pages if you wanted to see more. Few of us GB Kona races even made it onto the Ironman website in this pic ( I’m the daft lad bottom right)


I’ve just got back to the condo after racking bike in T1 and its pretty cool knowing my TT01 is the only Claud Butler racing here in Kona!!


This morning (view below) whilst me and Em was having breakfast we saw a killer whale breaching out the sea it did it about 8 or 9 times and was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. So this week within 2 miles of the swim course we have seen pods of Dolphins, Turtles, millions of marine fish and Killer Whales I just hope it stays that way and I don’t add Sharks to this list (unless they get the faster lads in the water ahead of me 😉 )


I just want to say a massive Thank you for all the supportive texts, emails and social media messages some from people I don’t even know saying they are rooting for me. It’s really appreciated and ill be thinking of all these when I’m suffering tomorrow !!

Came across this tweet from Hinchy and it’s pretty cool for stato’s out their and if my run is even 45 mins slower than in Wales 2mo then ill be happy as it means I may be on for my dream target time and that ill of actually run the mara and not walked (fingers crossed)

@Biscuitmad: “@tri247: Pt 2: How GBR & IRL AG MEN qual for #IMKona 2013 – @russmcox ” @offthatcouchfit 1 of only 4 sub 3hr marathon men on list”

Strong Winds and a Hot Humid day is the forecast so lets hope all this electrolyte drink I’ve been gulping down for the last week does actually work.

Time for big bowl of rice and then for bed going to dream about my perfect race tonight and hopefully it will happen 2mo

Chase 2 race the dream is finally here

Lets do it!!


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