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March Fat Loss Challenge

Are you with me???????       

So race season is nearly upon us and I also have a Triathlon camp in Mallorca coming up so I’ve decided to try and drop my body fat % to help me hit 2016 lean and ready to race

As you may be aware I’ve been working on a nutrition, lifestyle and recipe book for some time and i’m delighted to say the 132 page booklet is now finished. In the book I also talk about what happens to the body when we eat, how hormones effect the body, how insulin spikes make the body react. What to eat on rest days and big training days. So my challenge is for the whole of March I’m going to commit to my books 100 meals and it’s simply easy to follow rules and get some fat loss results that can be maintained through a lifestyle change and not just a fad diet.

To join me and commit to this challenge where you will have full email and social media support from me all you have to do is purchase my book for just £10 form my shop page here and email me to add you to my March Challenge List below

Challenge On Board List

Steve Clark, Emily Clark, Rachel Crisp, Ben Richardson, Carol Blacker, Ric Longcake, Richard Anness, Emma Watts, Rebecca Urry, Lindsay O’Connor, Chris Bates, Katie Bates, Laura Parker, Darren Scutt, Dan Ellis, Isabel Turkington, Jo Findlay, Wayne Norton, Matt Horsman, Alan Stanworth, Graham Cowan, Darren Scutt, Chris Derzy, Rob Wood, Rachel Bullas, Jane Taylor, Vicki Wilson, Marc Shrimpton, Rob Marshall, Anna Gibbs, Dave Gibbs, Shakey, Ed Lidgett, Andi Croft, Lindsay Croft, Erica Carpeter, Hazel Stevens, Mel Nicholson, Simon Wild, Karen Wild, Gary Baugh, Ali Baugh, Rob Ayton, Sue Couch, Jayne Kenny, Sam Ritson, Scott Barley, Kath Green, Alex Bailey, Gary Horner, Sharon Cotton, Jon Conroy, Nicky Robinson, Clair Dolby, Steve Dolby, Lesley hattersley and Zoe Bainbridge.

Get your Lifestyle Change Book and Join us Now

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