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Not every race goes to plan...

Not every race goes to plan but with a strong & positive mindset & a great bunch of teammates you can overcome any obstacle put in front of you .

Massive Kudos to Dan for sharing this one.

A little story of my race that could of ended very differently.

So race morning came made my way to the swim start with Mr swim god himself. Rob Marshall. He dived and I dived in after.. Then boom trouble struck. Lost nose clip on entry. Looked round couldn't see it.

Tried to swim but couldn't breathe and realised I couldn't swim 2k water polo style I'll. Be exhausted so took the awful decision to get out and walk back past the. Medics and hundreds of awaiting swim start. I felt awful in myself and rather ashamed. But as I walked further back to transition I came to terms with my mistake and accepted it is what it is.

Into T1 packing up all my gear and walking to exit.

Seeing Alison Porte the race director she asking what happened she asked if i wanted to get back in the race if I could get nose clip and another timing chip. I said no I'm done for the day. With that my good friend Sarah come. Running over and gave me a round of eff and Jeffs truths and tough love. And a big help from triharder to get me a nose clip.

We quickly set my bike and kit once again. Wet suit back on whilst running back to the swim start joining the back of the last wave. Sarah left me as I got to swim start. Very grateful for her help. If you don't follow her on Instagram give her a follow. @positivity_and_popcorn

In the swim got a great rhythm through the under water forest and hundreds of other athletes. Swim exit and seemed to be miles to T1 AGAIN changed and out we go.

Time to ride.

Burning matches by the book load and throwing the newly found and tested nutrition plan half way through knowing I'd blown the doors off a bit much. But seeing Ian Berridge on course lifted spirits.

Right into Thoresby Hall. Dismount line approaches.... Fast... Erm a little to fast oh well be fine.... Leg over bit of braking one foot down OK 2nd food down... Step step oh christ legs don't move this fast then boom rock star knee slide yeahhhh.

T2 shoes on hat on. Time for the death match. Sticking to the plan all the way round. Worked well. Seeing all the amazing supporters and athletes on course and the mega weather crossed the line. Job done.

Big thanks to the wing man Mr Hinch mega post race fry up and accommodation.

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